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How to Convert MOV Videos to Youtube?

Here is the easiest and smartest way to convert MOV to YouTube. With professional Dimo MOV to YouTube Converter, this tutorial tells you its specific process.
YouTube is a video-sharing website on which users can upload, share, and view videos. Suppose that you have just created a YouTube channel and you are excited to upload an mov video on YouTube. However you will notice that the may take long to upload or YouTube may fail to recognize the file. In this case the file could be too long or its audio and video is encoded in other formats. If this happens you don't have to fret since this article aims to give you a solution to put (QuickTime) MOV video to YouTube for sharing with ease.

YouTube clearly announce MOV is one of YouTube supported video formats although, MOV is a container format. The video and audio streams stored in different MOV files may be encoded in different ways. YouTube just only recognizes the specific way that the audio and video streams of MOV fi…