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How do I watch 3D movies in my Pasonomi VR

Are you really only watching 2D movies inside your Pasonomi VR headset? Spice things up with 3D video as well! With the Pasonomi VR Headset, you can play amazing games, as well as watch 3D movies in your own private cinema, The Pasonomi VR Headset drops you right into the action-and it's only from Pasonomi. You probably have a pile of 3D Blu-ray discs, 2D video recordings/downloads, many 3D movie or video sources like 3D M2TS (from 3D Blu-ray), 3D movies downloaded in 3D MKV/WMV/AVI, 3D YouTube, 3D MTS/AVI shootings from 3D camcorders and so on. However, you may not be content with the digital copy bundled with the 3D Blu-ray disc and those 2D/3D media files aren't supported by Pasonomi VR natively. So, why not reformat the incompatible 2D/3D movies to Pasonomi VR playable format if you are much eager to watch 3D movies on Pasonomi VR via iPhone/Android freely? Just read on to learn the step-by-step guide how to create 3D side-by-side video for Pasonomi VR pl