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How to Get Blu-ray onto Macbook Pro/Air for full-screen playback

This is a simple guide of how to rip and play Blu-ray on Macbook Pro/Air with the best Mac Blu-ray ripper or Blu-ray Player. Watching movies on Mac is an awesome experience especially on the latest MacBook Pro 2016 with brighter LED backlighting and an increased contrast ratio. Another similar device, Macbook Air, is even more convenient player, especially for female users. Can you play Blu-ray on MacBook Air/Pro? No, because Apple hates blu-ray, which it fails to war against. Fortunately, with a little inexpensive hardware and software, you can turn your MacBook into an amazing Blu-ray player to how off your home theatre. See the a tutorial below to learn how to play Blu-ray movies on MacBook Pro and MacBook Air with good video and audio quality in 2 easy ways. When you use a Blu-ray disc, you should keep a few things in mind to avoid any problem in playing them. First of all, you should have a properly connected and working Blu-ray disc reader–an external Blu